Seeding Information

SEEDING CRITERIA for Walsh Jesuit IRONMAN 2016                                       

Seeding info must be entered by a coach from each team onto no later than MONDAY prior to the Ironman, or you can enter it days before, using each teams private Pass Code. Log-in intructions will be sent by e-mail to you the week before.

On Tuesday seeding will be done LIVE & on line, so NO changes can be made until weigh-in Friday. The Ironman may allow a head coach to change his lineup at the Friday weigh-in. Since this could result in the re-seed of certain weights, the head coach MUST DIRECTLY INFORM tournament personnel at weigh-in.  All challenges must be lodged by the head coach to the director prior to the start of wrestling. Let’s get it right on Monday to ensure you get the seed you deserve because Friday is a very hectic day and if you make changes on Friday you lose your right to appeal your seeding.

Information brought to the committee’s attention on Seeding Tuesday or later in the week may or may not be considered so get it all in by Monday bedtime. Minor seeding debates won’t be considered, we simply have too many kids & too much to do to spend time on all the minor matters.  Seeding is an inexact process- just wrestle- the cream usually comes to the top.

Normally point totals dictate seeding, in general, but not in every case, especially in the highest seeds The Seeding Committee has discretion.  If there are compelling factors such as recent head-to-head results, head-to-head at last year’s Ironman or recent high placement at another major tournament, these will be considered, IF KNOWN by the committee. The difficulty of the state where the wrestler placed is a major consideration. The fact is some states are tougher than others, and some states have 1 or 2 classes, while others have 4 or 5. One-class California is an example of a state where state placing trumps other states. Pennsylvania class AAA also.

The following criteria are in effect for the Ironman 2016, we can only seed what we know so we ask you to be thorough--- in a nutshell Fargo freestyle placement & previous Ironman placement and State/National Prep placement determine points. *****A change this year, Greco does NOT count, do not list any Greco results, it will only confuse.

Each wrestler will be seeded by TOTAL POINTS accumulated during his high school career in FOUR categories. List only STATE placing, do not list his sectional, district, or regional placing--- its just clutter that won’t count.For PREP Schools, only placing at the National Prep tourn at Lehigh U counts the same as State placing does for other schools. Prep school State tournaments do NOT count -- so do not include that info, it is just confusing.

***Category one: Any prior year Junior National (Fargo N.D. only) champion Freestyle ONLY is 16 points, runner-up is 15 points, thru EIGHT places. Eighth place is worth 9 points.  

***Category two: Any prior year Ironman champion is 16 points, runner-up 15 points, etc.

***Category three: Any prior year State high school champion or National Prep school champion is 10 points, runner-up is 9 points-- in cases where eight are placed 8th place is worth 3 points. State/prep placing prior to 9th grade does NOT count for points- you can inform the Seeding Director under “additional info” but do not include in point totals.

***Category four:  Any prior year Cadet National (Fargo N.D.) champion Freestyle ONLY is 8 points, runnerup is 7 points, thru eight places. Eighth place is worth 1 point. Cadet national accomplishments listed can be prior to entering 9th grade, these do count in point totals.

We will seed at least 12 wrestlers per weight in each weight class . If 12 wrestlers per weight have not been seeded through the point system, then we will seed the wrestler(s) who was a state qualifier last season or had the best Varsity won-lost record last season or who placed high at another major tournament in the past year. This all will be at the judgment of the committee.

Freshmen can be seeded even if not a Cadet Freestyle placer, but this would be unlikely at weights above 106. There must be evidence of proficiency, e.g. Junior High state champion or a champion at an elite national schoolboy event such as “Tulsa Nationals”.

Byes will be randomly & evenly distributed between half brackets by computer. Once seeded wrestlers & byes are assigned, then the remaining wrestlers will be randomly drawn in the bracket by computer program. In most weights we will have a handful more than 32 wrestlers, therefor those chosen to wrestle the pigtail round will be decided randomly by computer program. We will try to separate wrestlers from the same state (other than Ohio & Pennsylvania) in the pigtail & first round, but no guarantee.

The seeding director TO BE ANNOUNCED.


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